• 28. 05, 15 QUATTRO: A next generation test
  • The serum level of .... Read more..

  • 10. 12, 14 Gisčle Leyten over Quattro Urine test op Radio 1
  • Gisèle Leyten is op Radio 1 geïnterviewd over de nieuwe urinetest die de agressiviteit van prostaatkanker kan aantonen: de Quattro te.... Read more..

  • 09. 12, 14 Betere test voor prostaatkanker ontwikkeld
  • Invoering van een nieuwe urinetest voor prostaatkanker kan ervoor zorgen dat minder mannen ten onrechte worden behandeld aan deze ziekte. Dit bli.... Read more..

  • 01. 12, 14 PCA3 testing to DDL-NMDL
  • Some changes have been implemented regarding the PCA3 testing service of NovioGendix. NovioGendix is a research and service organization which is prim.... Read more..

  • 07. 01, 14 NovioGendix signs co-­development deal with DDL Diagnostic Laboratory for development of novel IVD prostate cancer test
  • Nijmegen -­ NovioGendix, the molecular biomarker company developing tests for GU cancer diagnosis, prognosis and .... Read more..


    NovioGendix, based in Nijmegen (The Netherlands), is a molecular diagnostic research and service company providing an expert-based, integrated approach in developing advanced and clinically useful molecular diagnostic assays for the uro-oncological practice.


    NovioGendix Research focuses on biomarker-based diagnostic product development for uro-oncological diseases. In its R&D program the company conducts multiple retrospective and prospective clinical studies in prostate-, bladder- and kidney cancer.


    NovioGendix Servicelab has transferred the ProgensaŽ PCA3 testing services to DDL-NMDL in Rijswijk, the Netherlands.